The Profit Story

It’s money in the bank! Deep fried foods such as chicken strips, french fries, and onion rings can increase your customer base, sales and profits! Why not cash in on an additional monthly profits? Below is a typical example of the profits you can generate by these three high-margin fried foods, based on industry averages for food sales.

containers of fries, chicken strips and onion rings

Profits will vary, depending on local competitive pricing, above profits based on 365 days/year.
Profit is calculated on a mix of large and small fries, results may vary.

As you can see, these three fried food items can add significant sales and profits to your business. But you don’t have to limit yourself! Additional high margin foods such as chicken wings, mozza sticks, jalapeno poppers, corn dogs, and many others can expand your menu even further. There is no limit on the possibilities that can generate greater profits for you!

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