Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Most of our distributors can offer you leasing programs.

Yes, and your local food distributor will be pleased to provide you with a wide variety of frozen breaded products.

Absolutely! However, it is recommended that frozen fries be used in higher volume locations. Fresh fries emit much more moisture in the early stages of cooking and because some varieties and cuts of fries take longer to cook, the volume output is lower than the equivalent fries cooked from a frozen state.

Up to 6 small (4 oz. per serving) or 4 large servings (6 oz. per serving) can be cooked in one cook cycle.

Yes, the Perfect Fry has up to 9 presets and is programmable individually with names and times.

Yes, we recommend a high quality, low cholesterol vegetable oil.

No, only single-phase power is needed.

Yes, we have met or exceeded all the requirements set out by NFPA 96.

Yes it does. With care and maintenance according to manufacturer’s recommendations, the Perfect Fry will hold its value, give you many years of trouble-free service, and help you build a loyal customer base.

No. The exterior will become slightly warm to the touch.

Soybean or canola deep fryer oils are preferred. Top quality oil increases the life of the air filter and reduces taste transfer, providing your customers with superior tasting products that will help you build customer loyalty and referral traffic.

An average of once a week, more often during heavy use. Please see the Owners Manual for detailed suggestions.

You can, but it’s not necessary.

Once every 3 months is recommended, provided top quality oils and frozen products are used; more frequently when lesser quality oils and frozen products have been used. Heavy use may require more frequent replacement.