Why Perfect Fryers are Better!

#1 No Vents or Hoods Required
Low cost installation! Perfect Fry is perfect for locations that do not allow for the installation of commercial fixed vents, air exchange, filters or fire suppression systems. With built-in filtration and state of the art fire suppression, Perfect Fry is ideal for open mall kiosks, temporary or seasonal locations, portable kitchens, catering, or any limited-space locations. Add up the cost of commercial installation ($10,000 - $25,000 in many cases) and compare.

#2 Odorless
At Perfect Fry we designed our own air filtration system to remove grease particulates from the exhausted air to a degree that is unmatched by competitors. Made in the same factory as our fryers, our HEPA style filters last three months under normal use conditions. In tests, air vented from our fryers have been shown to contain approximately .039 mg of grease laden particulates per cubic meter volume of air. This sounds impressive, but consider that the ALLOWABLE amount of particulates is 5 mg! What it means to you is that your customers will smell your food and NOT your fryer. And wouldn’t it be nice to go home at night without smelling like your fryer?

#3 Small Footprint
Perfect Fry fryers install on your countertop. The machines take up a 1 ½ foot (under 50 cm wide) by 2 foot (60 cm deep) counter area, or less depending on model. The high-volume output of our fryers means that foodservice businesses with limited space can now offer a complete fried menu even if they have limited space for equipment. As your business grows, it is very easy to add another fryer, the total space is still less than a single conventional fryer or side-loading counter-top fryer. Most business owners are hard-pressed to think of a piece of foodservice equipment that produces more profits per square foot.

#4 Commercial Volume Output
Our PFA fully automated fryer can fry up to 3 lbs of food in each load. To illustrate this, consider Lamb-Wesson Generation 7 frozen French Fried potatoes. The suggested cooking time is 1 ¾ to 2 minutes. The Perfect fryer will cook 30 loads in an hour. At 3 lbs per load, and automated load system (no down time between loads!) the PFA can produce 90 POUNDS OF FRIES PER HOUR. This equates to 360 – 4oz. sides of fries!

#5 Easy Maintenance
The Perfect Fry fryer requires less maintenance than most foodservice equipment. Under normal commercial duty, our fryers require cleaning daily (wipe down, and general clean up – 10 minutes) and oil change once per week of use. Our self-contained oil drainage kit allows you to empty oil even when it is hot. All of our stainless steel components can be removed from the fryer chassis and washed in a dishwasher or sink. The vat, element and grease traps can be sprayed with household oven cleaner and wiped clean. A simple rinse of the components in a water/vinegar neutralizing solution, then reinstall in a few minutes and you are ready to refill the unit with fresh, high-quality cooking oil. All of this should take about 20 minutes of labor time for an experienced operator. Our air filters should be changed every 3 months under similar usage, this can be done in under a minute.

#6 Safety
Foodservice owner/operators put a priority on the safety of employees, Perfect Fry’s fully automated PFA fryer is the perfect answer. Perfect Fry operators need never come in contact with hot oil. Ingredients are placed into the robotic loading tray – overloading the fryer is ruled out, whatever can fit into the automated loading tray can be cooked in one load. The cooking area of the fryer is enclosed and self contained well away from the operator. Food empties safely into the tray placed in the unloading area. Our fryers are outfitted with the best fire suppression system on the market (we designed it to exceed all NFP standards and we and make it ourselves). There is no relevant fire regulation that we have not been approved under. All key functions of the machine are monitored electronically and indicated on our bright LCD display – the self-diagnostic ability of the Perfect Fry machines reduces guessing and downtime.

#7 Dual Load Preset Mode(PFA only)
The Perfect Fry PFA fully automatic fryer allows you to load a two course preparation and it will be cooked and dispensed at the same time. Here’s how it works. Simply set up one of the presets for your items;
Chicken Fingers and Fries
Chicken fingers take 51/2 minutes, fries take 2 minutes. Once programmed into the preset cooking mode, simply put the item that requires more cooking time in first, the robotic ‘shovel’ will deposit the food into the basket which will tip back into the oil vat to cook. The loading tray will return to the ready position immediately and the shorter cook time product (in this case, the fries) can be loaded in right away. At 3 ½ minutes, the basket will tilt up, the fries will load in with the chicken fingers and both will be tipped back into the oil. At 5 ½ minutes, the basket lifts out of the oil to drain and the Chicken strips and fries are deposited into a waiting pan to be served or kept warm under our ceramic heating element. Load it and go serve customers, it is all taken care of automatically… perfect!

#8 Cook Time Sensitivity - CTS™
CTS automatically adjusts the cooking time to compensate for a drop in cooking temperature when a basket of food is placed into the fryer. CTS increases cook times to accommodate for different levels of moisture content in food, basket-load size and initial temperature. The sensitivity is adjustable, this means that food is cooked to perfection every time = no more undercooked food.

#9 Robotic Loading (PFA only)
The automated load system means that operators do not need to stand over the fryer all day. Food is simply loaded into the loading drawer (as long as the lid can be closed, the fryer will handle that load, simple!) Once a load is dropped into the fryer basket, the ‘shovel’ returns to the ready position and the operator can reload the drawer so that it will automatically begin the cooking cycle once the first one has been expelled into the warming pan. In our exclusive Rapidfry2Go mode it is even easier. If you happen to cook the same item (ie. Fries) continuously, then the machine can be put in this mode. Simply put the food in the tray and lower the lid. The food will be cooked for the preset time, every time. There is no need to push a button!

#10 Low Operating Costs
The PFC Semi-automatic fryer cooks using only 8 liters of oil, the PFA uses 11 litres. That means that Perfect Fry fryers heat up quick (depending on the power source), usually in a matter of minutes. Because we use less oil, it requires less energy to bring it to critical cooking temperatures and when it comes to changing the oil, there is much less cost versus traditional vat fryers. Our unique STANDBY feature allows the user to keep the oil at a cooler temperature for periods of time between rushes. When you have a customer, then the warm up time to cooking temperature is a few minutes. Save energy costs without losing time!

#11 Preset Cooking
Perfect Fryers are as easy to use as a microwave! Customize up to 9 presets. Put an entire menu into your fryer’s program. The PFA automated fryer will eliminate overcooked food. When the preset cooking cycle is completed, the food will unload automatically. Under our optional ceramic heating lamp, the food will stay warm until you are ready to serve or place in our Perfect Fry heated merchandiser (PFM). The software in our fryers are designed so that extra drain off time can be selected for heavily battered products. In our PFA, fully automatic model, the automated basket will remove the food from the oil to avoid over-cooking AND will notify the operator if the holding time for the food has expired – ensuring that products are fresh and crispy when served.

#12 Profits
Maybe the most profitable foodservice equipment that a business can invest in Fried items such as French Fries and breaded protein products offer some of the highest profit margins of any restaurant or kiosk items available. Because the Perfect Fryers are so easy to use, the preparation time and training required for operators is a fraction of prepared foods as a component of food costs. Ask one of our distributors about flexible lease terms. Under normal market conditions, an operator needs to sell only 7 or 8 sides of fries in a day for the profits to pay for a fryer on a typical 48 month lease plan. This means that that anything else that is sold is mostly profits. For some great examples, see our profit story page. As an added incentive, check out our food partner coupon program, worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars to you!

#13 Labor Savings
In a time when every dollar counts, the Perfect Fry fryers come to the rescue! For businesses that have heavy customer load times, the automated frying systems means that staff need only push preset buttons and they are freed up to concentrate on what really pays the bills – servicing the customer! The simple operation and safety features make training a breeze. No more investment into lengthy training days only to have staff turnover before payback. The Perfect Fry fryers are perfect for businesses where it does not make sense to keep trained kitchen staff around for the slower periods of the day. In areas where liquor laws allow, it is now possible to send kitchen staff home after the dinner rush and still keep a full hot food menu available until closing time. Servers and bar tenders can easily operate the fryers. This translates into higher rings and happier customers.

#14 Front Load/Front Serve
The Perfect Fry fryer systems are all designed to maximize space efficiency. We know that it is essential to offer a wide variety of food offerings to customers in an a new era of convenience where customers can now purchase a delicious, prepared multi-course meal at their grocery store, gas/convenience store, takeout restaurant or at the food court at the mall. Unfortunately, to offer a variety of unique food, a business needs a lot of space. The Perfect Fry fryers need 18” (less than 50cms) of frontal counter space. This is because we have designed the loading and serving areas at the front of our fryers, there is no need to access the side or back even for regular service and maintenance! Perfect Fry fryers are ideal for convenience stores, portable food vendors, restaurants and anywhere else where space is an issue – and remember, no vents, no hoods, no problems!

A perfect compliment to our frying systems is the Perfect Fry PFM merchandiser. Our merchandisers are built to load from the back and allow for self service from gravity fed shelves. These merchandisers are ‘built to last’ in typical Perfect Fry fashion.

#15 Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction
Our company is run by the people who design and build our fryers and merchandisers. Almost 25 years of experience go into every piece of equipment that leaves our factory floor. Perfect Fry Company has produced over 10,000 pieces of equipment and they are being used in more than 80 countries by small business owners and large franchised stores alike. We have been recognized by our peers for our award winning innovation and by our customers for our quality products and service. We offer a comprehensive warrantyand a dealer network of trained professional service people. We feel that we make the best built fryers in the market and possibly the best built food service equipment, period. Our after sales service reflects the pride that we have in our brand. You will not make a better investment for your business.